A Recent Country Club Wedding

There’s always some trepidation when we’re going to play at an untried location. I recently played for my first wedding at Stow Acres Country Club. This was a new venue for our violin/cello duo. I was a little unsure about where we would set up our chairs and music stands, the acoustics, and whether the event coordinator was any good at her job.

Well, we had a great experience. This event coordinator knew what she was doing and made our job easy. They have a garden for outdoor weddings in good weather. We sat on the covered porch overlooking the area where we could see everything while still having shade for the instruments. I noticed that the ball room is quite large and can accommodate indoor weddings, too. There is a bar area where we played during cocktail hour with a good out-of-the-way space for us to play. I’m looking forward to returning in the spring.

Hope your wedding ceremony music planning is going well!

Carol Premack
Intermezzo Chamber Players

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