Alden Castle String Quartet Wedding

We love performing at Alden Castle and were so happy that Mara and Adam chose it for their wedding venue. It’s located at Longwood Towers in Brookline.
Cindy Grossman, the very efficient and personable event coordinator, was a pleasure to work with.

photo-2Mara is a bride who knows her music so had plenty of input on all of the selections. She left the choice of prelude music up to me, asking only that we stick with classical and Jewish music. That was really easy as we have over 35 Jewish songs arranged for duos, trios and quartets.

The processionals were Bach “Air” and “Trumpet Voluntary”. The recessional was the 3rd movement from “Autumn”, The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Cocktail hour music was all classical including the Bach Double Violin Concerto.

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