Always Have a “Plan B” for Weather

Every bride expects blue skies and sunshine on her special day, but the weather in New England is notoriously unpredictable. Take last Saturday. We were prepared to play outside in the beautiful garden of the Harding Allen Estate even though the weather was less than perfect. It had rained earlier and started misting when we arrived with our instruments.

Even though it wasn’t looking too good for the 3:30 start time, the bride was determined to have her ceremony in that garden no matter what. And while the guests might be willing to get a little damp, we have to put our wooden instruments in their cases at the first sign of moisture. Fortunately the DJ had already set up a loudspeaker at the ceremony site and was willing to let us use his microphone from inside. We played the processionals and the bride got to walk down the aisle but it started raining hard immediately after that. Everyone raced inside to finish the ceremony. There were no chairs set up so guests had to stand.

I know you don’t want to think about the possibility of bad weather on your wedding day but it does happen. Be sure to work out other alternatives with your DJ or band and the venue’s event coordinator so your guests won’t get their feet wet and the musicians won’t have to invoke their contractual right to ensure that their expensive instruments will be protected.

Happy wedding ceremony music planning!

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