An Egyptian Wedding at the Wequassett Resort

KC and his bride Nicole live in New York but, with most of his family flying in from Egypt, they wanted to make sure everyone could understand the entire wedding ceremony. They did this by saying everything twice, in English and Arabic.

KC & Nicole-2

Fortunately music is an international language, so our part of the event was readily understood by all. At first the Intermezzo Players string trio (two violins and cello) stuck with the classics, playing Bach “Air” for the bridal party’s entrance and “Hymne” by Vangelis for Nicole’s walk down the aisle.

The music Nicole & KC chose for the recessional was slightly less conventional. Wait for it. . . . That’s right! We played “Walk Like an Egyptian” as the newlyweds walked out. It got a lot of laughs from everyone and was a great way to end the ceremony.

Cocktail hour was mostly Broadway tunes, old jazz standards and contemporary popular songs.

Oh! Did I mention that the weather was perfect for this Wequassett Resort wedding on Pleasant Bay in Harwich?

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