Boston’s Fairmont Copley Plaza

If you’re looking for the perfect hotel setting, the Oval Room is worth checking out.

Last weekend we played at Jackie and Justin’s wedding in the Oval Room of the Fairmont Copley Plaza. It has some unusual features that you can’t find anywhere else like ornate molding and a beautiful blue sky with clouds painted on the ceiling.

The musicians sit on a riser at the side of the room, giving us a great view of the bridal party as they enter; there’s never any doubt about who is coming down the aisle. A big white shell behind us bounces our music out over the entire seating area. Tracey Gavin is the event coordinator and does a great job with cues. We’ve worked with her many times and her weddings are always beautiful, well-organized and lots of fun.

Jackie and Justin chose classical music for both the prelude and their Jewish ceremony. We were delighted with their request for a mix of classical, tangos, rags, waltzes, old jazz standards and popular tunes for their cocktail hour. Such a wide variety of music is not only entertaining for the listeners, it’s also a lot of fun for us to play.

Happy string quartet planning.

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