Don’t Let Choosing Wedding Ceremony Music Be a Last Minute Item

I was booked to play a wedding ceremony last Sunday. It was a late booking – just one month before the wedding date – and the bride was not exactly on top of things. The music was way down on her “to do” list. I prodded her several times by phone and e-mail but she just didn’t get the message and got back to me only three days before the wedding with a list of pieces she wanted us to play.

Fortunately we already had all of the music for her ceremony (Beautiful Day and Remember When). These are not common choices and she was very lucky that we’d recently played them for another wedding. She wasn’t as lucky with her cocktail hour requests. We have a HUGE repertoire of old jazz standards, show tunes, etc., but she found one that wasn’t on our list. With just three days to go I couldn’t find her special piece. Had she told me when she booked, I would have had time to find the music and arrange it for the trio to play.

It’s important to let your musicians know what you prefer well in advance of your wedding date. Even when the piano arrangement can be easily downloaded from one of the big music web sites I have to write an arrangement to fit the ensemble. And this takes time!

Happy wedding music planning!!

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