“I Have No Idea How To Choose My Recessional”

Many brides know they want a classical string duo, trio or quartet to play for their ceremony but aren’t at all sure exactly what music to choose. Not many brides have musical backgrounds so this issue comes up all the time.

I’m frequently asked to help decide what music to play, especially for the recessional that marks the end of the ceremony. My advice may surprise you. I’ve heard and played it all and as far as I’m concerned, ANYTHING GOES!

I recently arranged a piece performed by the Trans Siberian Orchestra called “Wizards In Winter”. I had to go to You Tube to hear it since it was a new tune to me. I’m happy to say that it turned out really well considering that it was written for lots of instruments and we were only a duo. It was a lot of fun to play, too.

The main thing is that you should have something upbeat at the end of the ceremony since it is the beginning of a very important chapter in your life. You can choose from among several popular recessional tunes that you can listen to on our repertoire page or you can just ask us to play your favorite song.

Happy ceremony music planning!

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