String Duo at Mosely Chapel

Kristin and Kevin were married at the charming Mosely Chapel on the campus of Governor’s Academy in Byfield, MA. They walked down the aisle together to “Coro” from The Water Music by Handel. They recessed to “Allegro” from Spring of the Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Classical selections were played during the prelude.

This was our first visit to Mosely Chapel and we were charmed by the intimacy and beauty of the space. Coordinator Chris Kasila was happy to have us there and offered a couple of seating options. She felt we should choose the best one rather than tell us where to sit. I love it when the coordinator allows this. Being able to see down (or up) the aisle is so important! Most of the time guests stand when the bride begins her walk. If we’re sitting in the back of the room, we can’t see when she gets to the front. It becomes a guessing game as to when to end the music. Okay, I know it’s not a big deal but we like to be perfect!

LisaAnn Donegan was the officiant. She’s wonderful to work with because she emails a printout of the ceremony a few days before the wedding. We know exactly what she’ll be doing and when. This is really helpful.One of the most important items for the duo is the cue to play the first processional. LisaAnn introduces herself and asks guests to turn off cell phones. That’s our cue. It’s so simple and works at every wedding.

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