String Trio at Independence Harbor

Chris and Tricia got married at Independence Harbor, a lovely wedding venue in Assonet, MA.

Most wedding ceremonies take place in the garden which is loaded with all kinds of seasonal flowers. Since this was an October wedding, the flowers were mostly hardy mums. They were all in bloom and the colors were amazing!

Too bad we were having a major rain storm and had to move indoors. Fortunately, the reception room is very nice; they even had a fire going in the fireplace. And you could still see the flowers through the many windows on each side of the room.

Our string trio was a violin, viola and cello. I never get tired of playing with the viola. I love the rich sound it produces. Chris and Tricia were a little disappointed with the weather but loved everything else about the ceremony. Of course, they were headed off to Hawaii for a two-week honeymoon so who wouldn’t be happy!

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