The Ceremony Within

Okay, I guess you’re probably scratching your head about the topic of this blog post.

The fact is, there are often ceremonies within the ceremony. They’re a way of confirming your commitment to each other. Think of them as unifying events. They represent the two of you becoming a single unit.

There are several ways to incorporate ceremonies into your wedding. One of the most popular is the unity-candle lighting. The mothers (or other special people in your lives) light two candles. You and your fiancé each take one lit candle and together light a single new candle. The unity-candle lighting is not always appropriate at outdoor weddings where a windy day could play havoc with the symbolism.

The sand mixing ceremony is another way to signify the joining of two people. One couple collected sand from their favorite beaches. Another chose to use two different colors of sand. They emptied the two containers, at the same time, into a clear glass bottle. The individual colors look very pretty as they mix together.

The water ceremony is when two separate beakers of water are poured into one larger container. Again, this signifies your union. Don’t use different colors without first checking to see what they look like once you mix them.

A different sort of ceremony involves the bridal couple selecting a bottle of wine to pack away in a special box with plans to open it on their anniversary (one year, ten years, twenty-five years, etc.) It’s not really a unifying event but instead represents their commitment to a long future together. The officiant often tells the story of the choice of wine (they drank it on their first date, etc.)

Of course, all of these ceremonies are greatly enhanced by soft music. Your musicians should be able to recommend something short and be able to adjust the length, as needed.

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