The Singer Who Couldn’t Really Sing

We recently played for a wedding where a friend of the bride had offered to sing a song during the ceremony. The bride was honored and delighted and thought it would be a nice addition to her wedding even though she had never heard her friend sing before.

We arranged to go over the song with the singer an hour before the wedding was scheduled to begin. When we started playing prelude music, 30 minutes before the ceremony, the singer was nowhere in sight. When he finally showed up, a scant ten minutes before the ceremony, we were in the middle of the prelude and it was too late to rehearse. That he didn’t bring any music did little to quell my concern that we had a potential disaster in the making. I always bring extra parts but it turned out that he couldn’t read music.

When we discovered the singer couldn’t read music, we decided to have only the pianist accompany him. To his credit, the volunteer singer knew the words to the song but while singing he got off-key. Our pianist, who is also an accomplished vocalist, joined in, sang with him, and together they made it to the end of the song. Disaster averted!

Brides, be sure you know what you’re getting before you say yes to friends who offer to sing. Singing in front of 150 guests can be scary for someone who’s never done it before, and an overwhelming challenge for someone who can neither read music nor sing on-key.

Happy wedding ceremony music planning!

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