U2’s “Beautiful Day”

Don’t be afraid to ask your musicians to play songs that have a special meaning for you.

I was working with clients who loved the song “Beautiful Day,” sung by U2. They wanted to use it for their recessional at the end of the ceremony. I couldn’t locate any sheet music written specifically for strings so I downloaded the piano version.

The first thing I did was play it on the keyboard so I could visualize the role of each instrument. Then I created and wrote out an arrangement for a trio that had parts for two violins and a cello. We had a good time playing it and the bride and groom were very happy.

A couple of months later another bride asked for “Beautiful Day.” We were a duo that day so I wrote another arrangement just for violin and cello. That one sounded pretty good, too.

Good musicians can play anything. It takes a little extra time to arrange a song for strings and write out the parts when all I have is the piano sheet music, but it’s always worth the effort. And we enjoy the opportunity to play something special.

Happy wedding planning!

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