Wedding Ceremony Date Selection

I’m always surprised that more couples don’t select April and November dates for their weddings.

May through October are the most popular months, but many couples fail to consider how well they fit within their budget. While some venues offer slightly reduced fees for Fridays and Sundays (definitely worth checking out if you want to save some $$), for the most part, there aren’t many good deals during these months.

The weather is safe (you’re not going to be snowed out) and venues are often availabile at lower rates if you plan an April or November wedding. Of course, if your heart is set on an outdoor ceremony, then these months are not going to work. I’ve played for outdoor weddings in April and November but it’s always a last minute decision based on whether it’s warm enough. November 13th was one of those warm dates in 2010. The ceremony was outside with the reception inside as originally planned. One other budget tip: remember that string duos, trios, and quartets all play the same traditional wedding songs so you can economize by booking a smaller group.

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