Wedding Planning In Today’s Economy

Today’s faltering economy has put many bridal couples in a serious financial bind.

They’re looking for ways to cut back expenses that only one year ago seemed quite affordable when they started planning their weddings.

While having a string quartet play for your prelude and ceremony is a life-long dream for every bride, music is still one of those wedding “must haves” that must also be reviewed when sharpening the budget axe.

But a wedding without music is like a rose without petals. You’ve been to enough weddings to know how elegant a quartet of formally-attired musicians looks and sounds.

If your budget is tight and you can no longer afford a string quartet, you can economize by switching to a trio. If you’ve been planning on a trio, cutting back to a duo will give you the same great-sounding music without making a huge dent in your budget.

You can still live your dream of setting the elegant mood that an ensemble creates and walking down the aisle to the beautiful sound of strings playing the perfect processional piece.

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