What Size String Group Do I Need?

Brides frequently ask me to help them decide what size string group is needed for their ceremony. I advise them to base their choice on three things. . .

1) The number of guests attending

2) The size of the church or other venue where the ceremony is to be held

3) The budget

If cost isn’t an overriding concern, I always suggest going with a quartet. The fullness of the sound is gorgeous. If a quartet is too expensive, a string trio is the best alternative. Three instruments can be heard very well in almost any size room. I attended a wedding (as a guest) and could hear the trio playing before the ceremony over the sound of 210 people talking.

If you have limited funds you’ll probably want to opt for a string duo. The sound isn’t as “full” as with a trio, but you will still hear the melody and bass even though you’re missing the middle instrument. You can hear examples of each size group on our repertoire page.

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