What Song for String Trio is Carol Arranging This Week?

Have you been thinking how cool it would be to use your favorite song for your wedding processional?

You’re not alone. Brides and grooms are coming up with some really interesting and fun choices. I’ve written arrangements of so many special songs that I’ve lost count.

Are you familiar with Ben Folds? He wrote “The Luckiest”, which is a very pretty song. Beth is getting married in May and requested it for her processional. I’m glad she did because I wrote a special arrangement for strings and can now offer it to other couples who’re Ben Folds fans.

Beth’s fiancé wanted to make his trip to the alter to “Spaceman” by The Killers. I went to YouTube to hear it and at first thought that it wouldn’t work for a string trio. But after working on the arrangement for a couple of days, I’ve changed my mind. It’s going to be awesome!

Here’s what you should consider when choosing your processional. Is it something you really like or are you trying to please your parents or future in-laws? Will your ceremony be more memorable if you have that special song? All of the videos of your ceremony will have your special song on the audio track. Won’t it be great to hear something you love rather than your mothers favorite song?

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