Winslow Estate Flute and String Trio Wedding

Meg and Brian were married at the beautiful Winslow Estate in South Orleans, MA, overlooking Pleasant Bay.

The weather was warm and sunny so the ceremony was held outside on the lawn. The reception tent was close by, providing a protected spot from which we could play. You should know that your musicians aren’t being prima donnas when they insist on having a shady spot even when the bridal party and guests are all baking in the sun. It’s our instruments that need the shade. Direct sun is harmful to the delicate woods from which they’re made.

While a tent or awning is the ideal cover, we can usually get the protection we need in the shade of a tree or even a beach umbrella. We’ve been to a couple of venues that don’t even provide an umbrella and have been forced to set up farther from the ceremony that we’d like in order to stay out of the weather, something to keep in mind when you’re selecting your ceremony site.

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