Monthly Archives: April 2013

Mindy & Bob’s State Room Wedding

Mindy and Bob’s traditional Jewish wedding was anything by typical when it came to music choices. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” was a favorite of the couple which we played during the prelude (while guests were being seated. The Hawaiian version of “Over The Rainbow” was the bride’s processional and “When I Fall In Love’ was played during the candle lighting. We also had the pleasure of accompanying friends Tamara and Steve, singing “The Book Of Love”, a Peter Gabriel song. They were terrific.... Full Story

Barn at Gibbet Hill String Duo Wedding

We had such a good time playing for Carrie and Wayne’s lovely Gibbet Hill wedding. Most weddings are held on the lawn between the Barn and the Grill. You can often see cows grazing on the opposite hill (and hear them mooing.) It gives a rustic feel to the ceremony.... Full Story