New Year’s Day Wedding

Our string trio performed for a lovely wedding in a Newton, MA restaurant on New Year’s Day.

Although I wasn’t sure how well a ceremony would work in such a confined space, it turned out beautiful. The bride and groom chose “You Had Me From Hello” for their special song. I wrote an arrangement for the trio to play and it sounded really nice.

We figured out a way to have the wedding party and bride make their entrances by wending their way through the tables to the front of the room. It actually worked quite well and everyone got to see them up close as they passed by.

Diana and George chose to have seven songs played during the ceremony. In order to make this work, I talked at length to the officiant so we both knew exactly what the other would be doing. You should always expect your musicians to communicate with both the officiant and the wedding coordinator before the ceremony. Otherwise it can be chaotic.

It was a very special day.

Happy string trio planning!

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