String Duo Wequassett Inn Wedding

The Wequassett Inn in Chatham is one of the best venues on Cape Cod.

It has everything you could ask for starting with Pleasant Bay for a spectacular view, event coordinators Kalson Pang and Rene Votteler, and food your guests will rave about. Sean and Anthony made a great choice when they selected this beautiful inn for their seaside wedding.

“Canon” by Pachelbel was the processional. Family members entered first with Sean and Anthony, each accompanied by their parents, entering last. “Canon” works well for large bridal parties because it’s a very long piece when played through to the end.

The theme from “Ice Castles” was played during the unity candle lighting and a movement from “Autumn” from the Four Seasons was the recessional. We played some old jazz standards, rags, and some Elvis Presley tunes during cocktail hour. Sean and Anthony wanted to have their first dance before the dinner so the DJ took over for one song.

If you’re planning an October wedding, one thing to keep in mind is that the days are shorter. You’ll want to schedule an early start so the light is still good if you’re planning to take outdoor photos. Don’t forget to discuss with your photographer when timing the start of your ceremony. Sean and Anthony asked us to start prelude music at 4:15 with the ceremony at 4:30 so they had plenty of light left for the after-ceremony pictures.

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