Tips For Planning an Outdoor New England Wedding

It’s not just about the dress, food and cake. Here are some often overlooked items:

1. Rain – Can you have a tent for “Plan B” or another backup such as the reception venue.
2. Heat – Is the ceremony in full sunlight? Are there shade alternatives?
3. Seating – Is it provided by the venue or do you have to make arrangements?
4. Music – Is electricity needed for a keyboard or guitar amplifier? Strings usually don’t need any power.
5. Entrance fees – Do guests have to pay to enter the park?
6. Elderly and mobility-challenged guests – Is there a clear path to the site?
7. Reserve – Can you reserve your spot? What’s the likelihood of gawkers and uninvited guests if it’s a public space.
8. Water – If it’s hot, plan on cold beverages for guests (and the wedding party during picture-taking.)
9. Umbrellas – It’s a good idea to have some on hand. Your guests will remember how thoughtful you were (musicians, too).
10. Chairs – If you’re not providing seating, you’ll still need a few chairs for guests who cannot stand.
11. Shade – Musicians require shade for their expensive instruments.
12. Shoes – High heels look great but are difficult to walk in on gravel or grass. Think about ballet flats or wedge style instead. You can change into those stilettos later.
13. Hair – It can get windy next to the ocean. Choose an easy style or use plenty of hair spray or gel.
14. Rough paths – Older relatives may need assistance on grass and gravel. Ask younger guests to look out for them and offer help.
15. Bugs – A basket full of bug spray should be available.
16. Sunblock – lotion or spray for those oceanside weddings.
17. Maps – Include a map with the invitations
18. Unity Candle – Not a good idea outside because of the wind. Substitute sand or water-mixing with different colors for the bride and groom.

Good luck with your planning.

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